Requires Windows 7
or Windows 8
System Requirements

Need a hand getting started? We've got you covered.

Choose from 35 great-looking templates. All kinds of themes are represented from creative to stories from your life. Been on a crazy road trip? Want to make a graphic novel starring your friends? Got an idea for movie? Comic Life has a template for that.


Use the Template Chooser to quickly find the template you want and you're off.


Get your story straight.


Every great comic story starts with a script, and now you can too! The script editor keeps things clean and simple with a word processor that has a trick up its sleeve.


Start typing your script and you'll find icons appearing alongside. That's right, Comic Life is figuring out what kinds of elements you need as you type. When your script is complete just drag and drop your text from the script to your layout.


No need to flip between apps. Everything you need for your comic lettering is available in one place.


Turn anyone into a super hero! No capes required.


Comic Life can take your pictures and turn them into comic artwork with a click of button. Choose from a variety of art styles to make your pages pop. But it doesn't end there.


You can also knock out the background of images and overlay them on new scenes. Instant teleportation! Use the blur to bring your characters into the foreground. Or enhance the action by putting your character onto one of the many dynamic backgrounds included in Comic Life.

Add a little Shazam!
to your page.


When you want your characters to speak or need to set the scene you'll find a wide variety of flexible balloons and captions available. Balloons have multiple varieties, letting you get the exact shape you need. And the tails can be curved into the perfect path for your images.


Need a sound effect? Or a big title for a comic? Lettering is here to help. You can warp it all kinds of ways, outline it, even make it 3D to really have it stand out.


Whatever your lettering needs Comic Life is here to help.

Put it all on the line!


Comic Life comes with all the tools you need to make your comic look great. Rulers and alignment guides keep things in order. Two-up page view and facing pages let you use more of your screen and get a live preview of your final layout. Find and replace works in both the script editor and across the comic pages. And styles let you maintain a consistent visual style across your entire comic.


It'd be a shame if you kept those comics to yourself.

When your masterpiece is ready you'll find all the options you need to share it with your fans, friends and family. Want a keepsake? Choose PDF or high resolution images to get printable quality output. (Or send it straight to your own printer). Want to share it as an eBook? ePub or CBZ is the way to go. And if you want to keep it within your own social network there's email.