3.0.5 (v29752) - Released 10th September, 2014




When installing the update, it will ask "Are you sure you want to uninstall this product?" Choose Yes. And it will then uninstall and reinstall the 3.0.5 update.


  • Improved handling of filenames, especially "[" & "]" characters
  • Fixed a bug where Zoom and Front/Back buttons become disabled after selecting then deselecting text in a balloon or caption
  • Fixed a bug where menu text was not displaying correctly for some users
  • Improved support for running the app from a server
  • Improved stability and support when handling EXIF data in images
  • Inspector tabs now fully clickable.
  • Other fixes and stability improvements



3.0.4 (v27964) - Released 5th March, 2014




  • Dramatic improvement in app responsiveness
  • Improved compatibility when opening files created with Comic Life 1
  • Fixed a crash when resizing text elements
  • Fixed a bug when copy/pasting text from libreoffice
  • And other fixes and improvements



3.0.3 (v27630) - Released 22nd January, 2014


Major New Features


  • Integrated script editor with SmartScript™ text processing, including dedicated script templates
  • Instant alpha tool - for quickly knocking out the background of images
  • Balloon variety picker
  • Balloon tail thickness selector
  • Precision balloon tail control including connecting tails
  • 17 advanced parametric image filters, including
  • Rotoscope, Paintoscope, Hatched, Sketched, Smooth, Pen, Retro and more.
  • Find & Replace - great for quickly changing a characters name
  • 191 built-in creative fill options including speedlines, halftones, textures and tiles
  • 11 stroke types from clean lines to scratchy pens
  • 16 page texture overlays
  • 3D lettering option for big, blocky comic titles
  • Smart alignment guides
  • Master page for repeating design elements
  • Two-up page view, including facing pages
  • Opacity controls for balloons (including panels, captions and shapes)
  • Hideable element well
  • Blur image adjustment
  • Bezier controls for warping lettering
  • Text paste and match style
  • Element grouping
  • Rulers with user-settable guidelines