January 2014

Comic Life 3 is now available for Windows!

We have been working hard to make sure that the Windows version is ready for its debut in London at the international education conference BETT, and we are thrilled to announce that Comic Life 3 is available on both Windows and Mac platforms.

If you like your Comic Life now you'll love what we added for you in Comic Life 3. We've been listening to your requests, taking some advice from the pros and adding some shazam! of our own.

From the new Script Editor, to the Advanced Filters, Instant Alpha, and all new Editing Controls there are treats in store for everyone.

From your lips to our code.

New Script Editor

Comic Life 3's new Script Editor offers students a clean working space for writing and editing without the distraction of awesome balloons and fun lettering that come along with creating comics in Comic Life.

This new creative starting point comes complete with spell check, find and replace and unique SmartScript technology that allows students to easily drag and drop their writing onto the comic page.

New Image Editing Features

Comic Life 3 for Windows sports brand new image editing features to bring comics to the next level.

Our built in Instant Alpha tool lets you knock out photo backgrounds so you can layer images and create new scenes.

Want to see your student in front of the Coliseum for your Roman History project? No problem.

Use one of our beautiful new filters to blend it all together and make photos look like works of art!

New Templates

We've also added some new templates including an "Early Writer" template featuring mixed case fonts (a big request from our teachers) and a refreshed and easier to use Newspaper script.

We've also included a Intro Script template so you can see how easy starting with a script can be.

Open Old Comic Life Files

And of course Comic Life 3 can open and edit files from Comic Life 2 and 1, so you can work with your existing comics.

Give It a Spin Today!

Try out Comic Life 3 for free today and see just how much more you can do! If you're an existing Comic Life user you'll love the generous upgrade discount we offer! And don't forget the volume pricing for educators.

If you're attending BETT, stop by for a demo at booth F430 - we'd love to see you (and there's some goodies too!)

Stay in Touch

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The plasq Team