October 2013

Hey there!

Your friends at plasq want to tell you that Comic Life 3 for Mac is now available!

Comic Life 3 for Mac Out Now!

If you like your Comic Life now you'll love what we have for you in Comic Life 3. We've been listening to your requests, taking some advice from the pros and adding some shazam! of our own.

From the new Script Editor, to the Advanced Filters, Instant Alpha, and all new Editing Controls there are treats in store for everyone.

Comic Life 3 is currently 50% off on the App Store - this is due to the App Store not supporting upgrade pricing. We thought this would be the fairest solution for the App Store users.

Because of this - it's a great time to suggest to an envious friend that they can get a deal on Comic Life 3. But tell them to act fast - this discount offer ends on October 20th.

For everyone else, you can breathe easy. You will be able to upgrade at your convenience. If you currently have a registered copy of Comic Life, Comic Life Deluxe or Comic Life 2, you can upgrade to Comic Life 3 for only $14.99 at any time.

Comic Life 3 for Windows is coming...

Dear Windows users - we certainly have not forgotten about you! We are very close to releasing Comic Life 3 for Windows but first we need your help in the beta test we are about to begin. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us squash those last few bugs before release!

What's new in Comic Life 3?

Need a hand getting started? We've got you covered.

Comic Life 3 comes with great new templates including Storyboard, Early Writer, and some great new creative designs.

You can now choose from a total of 35 great-looking templates.

Get your story straight.

Every great comic story starts with a script, and now you can too! The script editor keeps things clean and simple with a word processor that has a trick up its sleeve.

Start typing your script and you'll find icons appearing alongside. That's right, Comic Life is figuring out what kinds of elements you need as you type. When your script is complete just drag and drop your text from the script to your layout.

No need to flip between apps. Everything you need for your comic lettering is available in one place.

Turn anyone into a super hero! No capes required.

Comic Life 3 has 17 new parametric filters that make your photos even more amazing than before, including awesome new options like Rotoscope, Retro, and Sketch.

191 built-in creative fill options are now available including speedlines, halftones, textures and tiles to help liven up your panels.

You can also knock out the background of images and overlay them on new scenes with the new Instant Alpha tool. Use the blur to bring your characters into the foreground.

Add a little Shazam! to your page.

The new Balloon variety picker is a great way for mixing up the balloon shapes and letting you get the exact shape you need.

The new bendable connecting tails for extension balloons really allow for greater control than what was previously possible. The tails can now be curved into the perfect path to fit your images.

Choose the new 3D lettering option for big, blocky comic titles and there are now 11 stroke types from clean lines to scratchy pens

Put it all on the line!

Comic Life 3 now comes with the following new tools you need to make your comic look great.

Rulers, alignment and spacing guides keep things in order.

Two-up page view including facing pages let you use more of your screen and get a live preview of your final layout.

Find and replace works in both the script editor and across the comic pages.

Master page elements for elements that need to be on every page.

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