September 2012

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  • Comic Life 2 for Windows
  • Comic Life for iPad Update
  • Comic Life 2 Coming Soon to iOS
  • User Profile: David Jung
  • Comic Life Blog
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Comic Life 2 for Windows

This Comic Life 2 update isn't just any update: now Comic Life 2 is available for Windows. Version 2.2 brings all the key Comic Life 2 features to the Windows platform: everything from full template support and advanced balloon control to a super easy to navigate user interface and a slew of export options. For all of the new features to be found in Comic Life 2 check out our Product Information Page.

Click on over to our Comic Life 2 page and get Comic Life 2 for only USD $29.99.

If you're a current user of any earlier versions of Comic Life you can still upgrade for just USD $9.95. That's over 65% off!

comic life for ipad

Share Comic Files Between Desktop and iPad

Edit here. Edit there. Edit everywhere! No matter where you start your Comic Life project you can finish it on your iPad or desktop.

With the Comic Life Archive format comics can be shared with all the latest editions of Comic Life, meaning you can start a project on your iPad and finish it on any desktop with Comic Life 2 or vice versa!

Comic Life for iPad Update

Comic Life for iPad 1.2.4 has full support for the new iPad's amazing retina display. You won't believe how great your comics look until you see it!

We have also added more versatile file sharing. New features include iTunes file syncing, exporting to Dropbox, WebDAV support, and high quality option when saving photos to your Photo Library. Now when you create a comic on your iPad you can ship it out exactly where you want.

You can find Comic Life for iPad in the iTunes App Store. If you already have a copy and would also like to show the app some love please don't forget to rate us (it really helps!).

Comic Life Coming Soon to iPhone and iPod

We've been working hard to bring all the features you've been enjoying on your iPad to your iPhone and iPod Touch. That's right! Soon you will be able to have Comic Life wherever you need it! And best of all... the update will be free!

Publish eBooks with Comic Life 2.2

If you've ever wanted to publish your comics, then we have the perfect solution for you. With version 2.2 of Comic Life 2 you can now export your comics as e-books in the ePub format, allowing your creations to be read in Apple's iBooks or on Amazon's Kindle or Barnes & Noble's Nook. Also supported is the CBZ format so that comics created in Comic Life 2 can be read in a variety of popular comic reader apps on many different platforms.

Comic Life User Profile: David Jung

Speaking with David Jung is like standing on a mountaintop and being reminded of the vast realm of possibilities that are before you. Though his voice is calm, it is filled with sincere excitement and belief in his projects as well as the world's. When thinking of the possibilities for creative innovation he says, "It's a great moment in time. A kid could take this [technology] and create their own stories. And publish them!"

Perhaps it is his broad scope of imagination that has lead Dave to cultivate such an interesting career. From his time as a Hollywood producer to his current project launching his own publishing company, Bad Cat Comics, Dave has had to find ways to effectively translate ideas into visual reality, and Comic Life has helped him do it.

Read more on the Comic Life Blog.

Comic Life Blog

We have been writing a blog over the past few months just for you! The Comic Life Blog has posts on everything from using Comic Life for iPad templates to comics on eco-conservation.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with us about their comics. They are fantastic! And we'd love to see more, so send them in! If you've got something you want to share, send it to us at [email protected].

We can't promise to share everything — but we'll do our best to bring you great examples and creative ideas for all of your future comics!

Merchandise Store

Craving some Comic Life swag? Come over to our merchandise store and check it out! We have all kinds of fun things to wear, carry, and drink from.

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